I have been a journalist all my adult life, writing for music and DJing magazines including early computer music publications such as “Atari ST User”, DJ mags including “iDJ Magazine”, and blogging for Digital DJ Tips. I am have also written or been involved with several books on the subject of DJing and clubbing, and I list three of them here:

Rock The Dancefloor!

My best-selling book “Rock The Dancefloor!” shows you how to DJ, from the very beginning to playing clubs, bars and events. It reveals the five big areas of DJing that every DJ needs to master, which are Gear, Music, Techniques, Playing Out and Promoting Yourself. This is how we teach DJing at Digital DJ Tips the world’s leading online DJ school, which I founded and co-own. It’s available in print, digital and audio formats.

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Tangled: The History Of A Manchester Clubbing Institution

There is a great coffee-table book about “Tangled”, the award-winning UK club night I co-founded and DJed at for 12 years. Compiled by two of my co-resident DJs, Steve Thorpe and Terry Pointon, it is packed with clubber recollections, flyers, photos, love letters fr0m DJs and more. It’s a great piece of memorabilia both of “Tangled” and the 90s/00s club scene in Manchester, England.

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DJing For Dummies

An older book on how to DJ (which focused more on “traditional” DJing, with turntables or CD players) is John Steventon’s “DJing For Dummies”. I was the technical editor for John’s book.

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